About My Sales Academy

Where it all started

After a decade working with enterprise sales teams in the IT sector, and sitting through countless sales training days and conferences, we knew there had to be a better way.

What we found is that:

Fact 1: Sales people and entrepreneurs are busy people and don’t have time to sit in classrooms or behind their PC training for hours
Fact 2: Learning is in the doing – so sales people want live tools that train them as they work
Fact 3: We often just need the resources to do our jobs and we don’t need to spend hours in training to learn how to use those resources. Give us the template, and we’ll figure it out!

So that’s where the idea of My Sales Academy came from. It’s like the antidote to traditional sales training and sales academies.

My Sales Academy Main Dashboard - online sales training and sales tools

How did we know what sales people wanted?

To start with, we relied on our own experience of enterprise sales training and sales activities, gathered from our time working within, and alongside, some of the world’s biggest technology companies.

Then we also took it to Sales Reps and Sales Managers within other organisations to find out what tools they are using on a daily basis and to see if we could automate that process, standardise and simplify it, and create simple templates that they could use.

Finally, we engaged with entrepreneurs and the startup community to find out what their pain points were around holding effective meetings and understanding some of the sales activities they needed to get their heads around in order to sell their products more effectively.

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