A new type of sales training.

Say goodbye to traditional sales training.

We use micro-learning techniques to deliver training in a completely new and simplified way. Complex, enterprise sales techniques and training, delivered in quick snippets.

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Tools & templates

Get the sales tools you need - on the go.

Our range of courses, sales tools and templates revolutionizes how traditional sales training is usually delivered.

Sales reps and account teams need access to simple training on-the-go: accessible via mobile, video-enabled and with dynamic delivery tools.

Our practical and interactive training means that your teams can put their training into practice immediately, often mid-course or video. This speeds up your time to revenue and generates a quicker return on investment for your training dollars.

Sales Tools

B2B sales tools, from planning for a presentation, creating account plans or perfecting your content strategy.

Practical Training Programmes

Practical and interactive online training programmes for B2B sales teams. We keep up to date with the latest industry trends and changes so your sales teams are learning the latest and greatest skills.

Sales Templates

Downloadable templates for every sales scenario to improve your meetings, calls and customer engagements.

Micro-learning Sales Programme

Our sales training modules are just a few minutes long. Easy to digest, simple to remember and quick to consume.

Learn in minutes

With each module lasting just a few minutes each, you can be sure to fit our dynamic learning system into your team’s busy schedule.

A new way

Most online training is over a decade old and focused on out of date topics. We represent a new way to learn and sell.

Visual and dynamic

Forget pages and pages of text to read, or 40 minute videos. Our content is visual, infographic-driven and less than 5 minutes to complete each module.

Get access to the first course for free. No credit card required – just sign up by email to get enrolled today.

Average time sales reps spend selling

Selling 35%
Other activities 65%