GDPR Policy

  1. Our information

My Sales Academy, a trademark of Contemsa Ltd, registered company no. 08825130.

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  1. Overview

MySalesAcademy is an online web service which allows users/subscribers/members of the tool to download documents and templates, watch training videos and also input information into forms to create their own documents (for example, creating a SWOT analysis about a new product).

There is very limited scope for our users inputting personal information about their own customers (i.e. their name and job role for a Meeting Agenda document), however, where they do so, it is up to the user to decide what information they share with us.

This information is only ever used for the purpose of delivering the MySalesAcademy service to our users and is not used for any secondary purposes.

Based on our assessments, MySalesAcademy acts as a ‘Processor’ of data for our users.


  1. Confidentiality – Data Collection and GDPR considerations

To deliver the MySalesAcademy service, we need to collect the following information:

  • To set up user accounts, we collect user information: across First Name, Last Name and Email Address. It is the responsibility of the user to set up secure passwords and change their passwords upon first login.
  • When users create their documents and submit forms, the information entered by users to create their forms is collected by the MySalesAcademy service. This information is only collected for the purpose of creating the document for the user and is not shared with any third parties, apart from the services required to deliver the MySalesAcademy service, i.e. our hosting provider.
  • It is the responsibility of any user interacting with, and submitting information to, the MySalesAcademy service and website to not share sensitive or confidential information.
  • By using the MySalesAcademy website, portal or service, the user is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  • CONTEMSA takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect data shared and submitted through the MySalesAcademy website.
  • CONTEMSA will not sell or share data. Data is only collected in order to enable the delivery of the MySalesAcademy service to users.
  • Non-identifiable data is sometimes collected to track user activity – such as page views, login times and regularity, using services such as Google Analytics.

We use cookies and similar technologies to provide and support our Service delivery and each of the uses outlined and described in this section of our policy. Read our Cookie Policy on the MySalesAcademy website to learn more.



  1. The purposes of our data processing
Type of activity Type of information Purpose
Newsletter sign-ups Email address We collect email contact information through sign ups to newsletters on our website, making it clear to individuals signing up that by signing up they agree to receive email marketing communications from us.


MySalesAcademy member information Email address, First Name, Last Name We collect contact information for the users/subscribers to the MySalesAcademy online service so that we can create accounts for them and enable them to log into their MySalesAcademy portal, access our tools and receive the emails from us with our tools output documentation attached.
Data entered into MySalesAcademy tools: Meeting Agenda Creation and Meeting Follow-up Name and job role As part of the MySalesAcademy service, users/subscribers can create documents for their own use to help them in various sales situations. This involves inputting data about companies, business strategies and business objectives. For the Meeting Agenda and Meeting Follow Up tool, there is an option to add ‘Meeting Attendees’ to the documents, which includes the user adding the names and job roles of the people they are meeting with. MySalesAcademy do not use this information or share it, the user is responsible for the data they input and for having approval to input this information. MySalesAcademy uses the information to create PDF documents for the user to use in their meetings, and for no other purpose.
Cookies and website analytics information Browser cookies and browsing activity on our website (but not linked to specific individuals or personal data) We collect cookies and analytics from how users use our website in order to look at how we can improve the user experience. We don’t collect personal data through this and do not use it for any other reason than improving our website.


  1. A description of the categories of individuals and categories of personal data.

We only collect the following categories of data about our customers:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address


  1. The categories of recipients of personal data.

We do not share our customers’ data with any third parties for any reason other than delivering our core service to our customers.

The data we collect through our website is stored on our hosted servers, delivered by Siteground, who are GDPR compliant:

Our hosting services are delivered from Siteground’s datacentres in the UK. In the unlikely event that these datacentres experience a failure, then our services would be transferred to Siteground’s datacentres in Amsterdam.


  1. Details of transfers to third countries including documenting the transfer mechanism safeguards in place.

Data is only transferred out of the UK by our hosting providers in the event of a datacentre failure, at which point services would transfer to their closest datacentre in Amsterdam.


  1. Retention schedules.

When a user cancels their service with us we delete their account and user information.

If you wish to cancel your account and user information with us, then please email us at


  1. A description of your technical and organisational security measures.

We take the security and privacy of our customers’ data very seriously. We have a number of measures in place:

  • We limit the login attempts to the MySalesAcademy portal
  • We install security plugins to check security and highlight any potential threats
  • We host our services with a GDPR compliant hosting provider who takes security very seriously (see their specific security measures:
  • We have controls in place so that only users who have created or inputted data can access that data
  • We have security on the PDFs we create through the MySalesAcademy tool to timeout after a certain amount of time and to only allow access to a user with a specific IP address who originally created the PDF
  • Our portal is delivered with SSL encryption (https)
  • We do not store any payment information and instead use Stripe, a respected payment processor, to handle and manage any payments
  • We regularly update the software running on our websites
  • We have 2 factor authentication for logging into hosting admin accounts
  • Anyone accessing the MySalesAcademy service has to be logged in
  • We enforce the use of secure passwords across the site


Access our full terms and conditions here.